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About us

More than 7 years ago and with years of experience and a dream to provide IT services and solutions instead of products to create a new and reliable path to our clients in 2012 we decided to build Peak IT to develop IT sector in the middle east.

Over the years, Peak IT provided solutions in different fields, covering Document management and Backlog Scanning combined with e-Archiving Solutions and software, build multiple software applications and solutions, working in Graphic, Web and Motion Design, providing Training sessions and Consulting for multiple clients.
Later on, Peak IT aimed to be part of digitizing world this goal linked both developing Individuals and Solutions.
We started to take advantage of the growing awareness of digitization through the implementation of several projects and applications. Peak IT supported private sector competitiveness through technical and administrative reform programs, with support and dissemination of creative experiments and work on the development of successful practices

Peak IT works constantly at improving the skills of its team through training programs and mentorships and a place to call home which they can find support and help in any way

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